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How to Maintain Relationships with Donors Using Social Media

You know and understand how important your donors are to your nonprofit.  Do they know?  Many nonprofits get so busy with other things, and they don’t adequately […]

The Business Side of Church: Virtual Insourcing for Churches

  The business side of the church is often not as visible as the ministry itself, but it plays a critical role in the day-to-day running of […]


No doubt about it, this has been a tough year with a lot of change for all of us. Some are having a tougher time than others, […]

Content Marketing for a Cause: How Non-profits Increase Donors.

The highest-value customer to any business is the repeat customer. But for nonprofits, repeat donors aren’t just valuable, they’re essential to an organization’s survival. Your mission and […]

5 Powerful Ways To Improve The Digital Impact Of Your Non-Profit Organization In 2020

Digital communication has taken over the way businesses, ministries and, non-profits are run. Through social media and other digital platforms spreading your reach has been made easy. […]

How Can A Non-Profit Have Experts Without Breaking Their Bank?

Insourcing is an appropriate option for non-profit organizations of all shapes and sizes, where the desired result is one or more of the following: Improved operational efficiency […]

Marketing For Non-Profits: How To Do It The Right Way

Marketing goes beyond updating your website and posting event information. In definition, marketing is the activities of a brand, business, or organization in which they engage with […]

Taking Charge of your Life the Maslow way

It’s a pandemic! You are trying to find every way to stay calm and remain productive. When things seem out of control the human mind tends to […]

Accounting for Non-Profits and How to Manage Your Finances

Accounting for any organization is always complex if not done by qualified and experienced people. If accounting standards are not followed, this could lead to fines and […]

We Support Ministries Epworth Outreach

Touching hearts, changing lives. Epworth is a high-density dormitory town situated twelve kilometers from the capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare. This small town was established by Rev. […]

Social Media For Nonprofits: Boost Donations and Make A Difference

The world as we know it has become tech-dependent. Interactions and relationships are now fostered through online platforms, tools, and apps. As a non-profit organization, this could […]

Digital Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

Digital marketing for Non-Profits enables them to increase awareness and reach of their various initiatives, thereby allowing them to find donors, that are critical to sustainability. This, […]

Virtual Outsourcing for Churches

The Business Side of Churches The business side of church is often not as visible as the ministry itself, but it plays a critical role in the […]

Distracted From Success

We are inundated with interruptions “disguised as opportunities” every day. They keep us distracted from that “ONE THING” or the “BIG GOAL” we are looking to conquer! […]

More Time

More time is what we all desire as Managers, Business owners, CEO’s and entrepreneurs. The use of Virtual Teams (VT) and Outsourcing is one of the most […]

From Dream Team To Reality

Ready, Set… We often need help like yesterday, but the “traditional” time from job outline to onboarding can be a time consuming and arduous task for even […]