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Epworth is a high-density dormitory town situated twelve kilometers from the capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare. This small town was established by Rev. Shimmin to serve as a Methodist Mission Station in 1890 and by 1987 the population had boomed to 35 000 and rose to a staggering 113 884 in 2002.

To date, the local city council managed to build roads, provide clean water, and medical stations but the number of occupants needing financial, medical and physical support is still on the rise.

It is this need that gave birth to the Chenga Ose Association. The main aim of this organization is to help the less privileged and disabled in the area of Epworth and all over Zimbabwe.

Chenga Ose Association

The CHENGA OSE ASSOCIATION (COA) is a Christian based organization founded by Lucia Mambure for women with physically and mentally challenged children. Established in 2008 The Chenga Ose Association aims to create a better future for those living with disabilities and their families.

This has led to their cause being present in five provinces of the country. COA directly cares for and empowers more than three hundred individuals with disabilities as well as their families.

The desired result is equal opportunities for education, employment, health, and other critical services in a Christ-centered environment. Translated the name “Chenga Ose” means “all considered” which is a true reflection of what the institution has managed to achieve in the small community of Epworth.

Children and adults living with disabilities from all corners are given the best care that the association can offer. Epworth is the start of a big drive to stop the marginalization of disabled communities in Zimbabwe.

C.O.A and the families they serve have a relentless vision for not only increasing opportunities for their children but bringing job creation, education, health care and better living conditions for people living with disabilities.

As this drive grows, supports groups like The Growing Together initiative founded within BP Global Solutions and We Support Ministries play an important role in helping. It is in the spirit of giving back to the community that the paths of the Chenga Ose Association and the growing together initiative came together.

The Growing Together Initiative

Growing Together

Launched in 2019 the growing together initiative was initiated by Pastor Sam Muzivi who is in charge of Pastoral care at BP Global Solutions in Harare, Zimbabwe. His goal was to go further than simple social cooperate responsibility and have an interactive platform were all individuals from BP Global Solutions can actively give back to the communities in need.

It is the view of the initiative that participating in causes such as the one C.O.A has started will result in a win for all – client, company and the Christian community.

Giving back

JW Oliver

On the 9th of October, the community of Epworth gave Global and growing together with the opportunity to be part of the C.O.A drive to assist the people of Epworth. Graced by the presence of JW Oliver the Managing Partner of BP Global Solutions and his Wife Lori, Pete and Vicki Paterson and Bruce and Cynthia Smith Baird from the United States.

We Support Ministries goes beyond simply being a business partner to their various clients but aim to give back as much as possible to the various communities in need.

We Support Ministries is a leading Texas-based in-sourcing company that provides virtual assistants and administrative support for Ministries and Non-profit organizations. Moreover, we provide both short and long term virtual outsourcing services customized to suit your business process needs.

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