reliable websites to buy orlistat order Keppra online Our process is simple. You let us know the desired position needed. We will then find you several candidates to fill that position. You will interview these candidates via video or phone. Once you have selected your candidate, we get them hired! We handle all the logistics of your new team member. We provide them with the infrastructure, workstation with computer, monitor, keyboard, camera, desk, chair, dedicated high-speed internet, and access to our video conference room. We also offer free I.T. support for your set up, software installation needs applications, and assist you in networking your phone systems and integrating into your IT phone/VOIP system.

You submit job description / skills or degree required 

Fill out the form here to get started and tell us your staffing needs

Our HR staff reviews all resumes on file and pre-screens the candidates

Top 2-4 candidates selected 

Live video interviews with you and each candidate

You select the best fit, we make the offer to the candidate 

The Process Begins

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