We provide you with a team member in Harare, Zimbabwe who specializes in exactly what you need.  Zimbabwe is a country where English is the official and first language and has over 2 million university educated men and women who are highly motivated and eager to work to provide for their families.  You get a qualified employee for up to 75% off your current staffing cost AND you won’t need to worry about overhead for: payroll taxes, Medicare expenses, Social Security, workman’s compensation, equipment needs, and office space.

Any team member you hire will work the same hours as you and will be available to you throughout your day. You can communicate with them at any moment with face to face video chat, email, or conferencing. It will feel like your team member is working in the room next to you, not thousands of miles away

Spend Less - Reach More

We Provide for your team member:

Once we help you find the right person, your new team member will work within our high rise, class A office facility where we provide:

  • A workstation
  • PC with monitor and camera
  • Headphones
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Dedicated high speed internet
  • A conference room with video conferencing built in
  • A comfortable, secure atmosphere in which to work

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