We are living examples of how technology is being leveraged to bring people together to fulfill their God given purposes and focus on common goals. It starts with a need to accomplish more than any individual can do on their own. For us, the iSeeit! Productions team exists today because of the resources We Support Ministries provides. In order to get our dream of creating quality animations, we knew we needed to add technically skilled members to our creative team. We Support Ministries provided several resumes and portfolios for us to review. Our team selected 3 specifically trained individuals to interview online, face-to-face. We chose Rodney, Alastair and Kuda. We meet as a complete team online live just about every work day and are in touch with each other throughout the day. We share files and collaborate as if the 3 were in the room next to us. We highly recommend We Support Ministries to any church, team, or business with a need…It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN!
Creative Director
I See It! Productions

where to buy priligy in nigeria buy gabapentin from india I was somewhat skeptical of this concept as an application for our particular needs at Global Action. We were looking for someone who could fulfill both an executive assistant role and also help facilitate a somewhat complicated CRM start up. But as I went through the interview process I was blown away at the amazing talent available to us. We literally could have chosen any one of the six we interviewed and it would have been a great fit. But the team member we eventually hired has been an amazing addition to our staff. She is efficient, professional, driven and has added a tremendous boost to our donor relations applications. She is an absolute joy to work with and has won the hearts of our international staff and board. She has immediately proven her worth to us and the set up she has at Global BP has made the entire process simple and affordable. I would recommend Global BP to any company or ministry without hesitation.  

Dr. Rick Thompson


Global Action


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